Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge
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The design of HV centrifuges makes use of the advanced sub-resonance principle and souble-mass vibration technology, and  resonance effect is ingeniously applied to indirectly transfer the vibration onto the main shaft via rubber blocks, uprooting rigid impact, collision and friction among parts during destructive vibration. In the view of its structure, the double-mass horizontal vibratory screen crntrifuge divides the vibrating mass and lower requirements on material strength and structure rigidity to a certain extent. Additionally, key parts and components are of internally famous brands ensuring performance stability, large processing capacity, easy maintenance and long service life. Their technical performance and specifications are advanced in the global market. They are especially suitable for dewatering of coarse washed coal, middings and waste rocks in coal preparation plants.

● Extended Wear Life
All high wear locations are lined with high alumina ceramics. Small end of the stainless steel basket is re-inforced with high wear-resistant steel band.

● Easy Maintenance
User friendly design offers ease of operation and maintenance. Access door integrated with feed pipe allows easy screen basket replacement.

● Great Flexibility
The HV centrifuge offers flexible motor and door hinge configurations, left and right hand, to conveniently accommodate your plant layout.

HV Horizontal Vibratory Screen Centrifuge is used to remove surface moisture of solids under the effect of centrifugal force and have dewatered solids being discharged through vibration. Material particles get dried through screen basket, whileliquid will get separated from the solids andthen discharged separately.Principle of sub-resonance and double-mass vibration are employed in the machine design of vibrator mechanism. 

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