Banana Screens

Banana Screens
Banana Screens
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Fitted with continuous-running, high-efficiency exciters of up to 4.5-5G exciting force, Birtley’s multi-slope banana screens are ideal for classifying, medium draining, and desliming. The screen mats can be installed in varying inclinations with three-, five-, and, seven-angle configurations available. Our banana screens have the advantage of large handling capacity, high screening efficiency, and easy maintenance.

● Increased throughput of about 50% over conventional horizontal screens or inclined screens.
● Compared with common screens of circular vibrating mode, Birtley’s linear vibrating banana screens can create greater vibration strength, their exciters rotate faster, and the materials can flow smoother to get higher processed tonnage.
● For the convenience of maintenance and replacement, screens are designed to fit polyurethane deck panels, stainless steel woven wire plates and other wear-resistant mats.
● Suitable for both wet and dry screening applications.
● Can replace conventional process arrangement of sieve screens and horizontal screens.
● Both single and double deck screens are available.
● Maximum size: 4.3m wide x 9m long

High-speed feed stratification end
A higher slope at the feed end enables the materials to move faster and fines pass through the sieve meshes quicker to allow stratification by the separation of large particles from fine ones.


Medium-speed screening section
Smaller inclination results in slower moving of materials to allow the formation of material bed. Major screening and part of stratification occur in this area.


Low-speed discharge end
The slope becomes even smaller and “near-size” particles are separated at this end to reflect final screening result.

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