High Frequency Screens

High Frequency Screens
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Birtley’s high frequency screens combine 45°in-feed end with -5°working section in the middle to improve dewatering capacity. Two imported 1450RPM vibrating motors are fitted to create linear movement. They are applicable for the dewatering of coal slurry, metal minerals and artificial sand and stone.

Linear movement is formed by two vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions. Compared with conventional circular vibrating screens, Birtley’s HF screens can reduce slot blind and increase the dewatering capacity.

The design of 45°in-feed end is ease for the slurry to form material bed quickly; -5°working section and discharge end are designed as a “gentle slope” to slow the material moving for better screen penetration.

Imported IP66 vibrating motors need less maintenance.The screens can be fitted with modular snap-fit PU mats or stainless steel woven wire plates that allow for simple installation.

Rubber isolation springs have longer service life, compared with steel ones under wet screening conditions, require less maintenance, and can also greatly eliminate side sway.

Maximum size: 2.4m wide.

Mineral slurry falls onto 45°in-feed screen section to get quick water drainage. 

A “pond” is formed at the intersection area of two screen inclinations to allow coarse materials to pile up and form a material bed.

Two vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions create linear movement to push the solids upward, at the same time water is drained off through screen panels.

-5°working section and discharge end can facilitate the forming of a material bed which functions like a “filter” to separate water from solids for better dewatering result.

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