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Horizontal Screen
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Shortened bearing life due to mechanical deformation of the main shafts limits the screening widths of conventional circular vibrating screens. As a result, horizontal linear screens fitted with exciters have been developed to solve this problem. Birtley’s horizontal linear screens are of heavy-duty design and are ideal for classifying, dewatering, and medium draining.

● The linear vibrating mode of Birtley’s horizontal screens protects the screen holes from being blocked by material. This results in longer screen panel service life over those of conventional circular screens - making horizontal screens the ideal choice when replacing traditional circular vibrating screens.

● Compact design allows for use at sites where space is limited.

● For the application of classifying, screening capacity can be modified by adjusting the inclination.

● Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the whole machine.

● All Huck-type connections.

● Fitted with one or more imported exciters.

● Configuration of either single or double deck screen panels made from stainless steel woven wire or punched plate, polyurethane, or punched wear-resistant plate.

The exciter of a linear screen is composed of two same groups of unbalanced weights. Two shafts of the exciter rotate synchronously in opposite directions. At every moving position, the components of centrifugal inertia forces along X-X direction of two shafts are always offset; while those along Y-Y direction are always superposed. This forms the exciting force only along Y-Y direction to create linear reciprocating vibration of the screen frame.

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